Where to stay on your trip to Los Angeles?

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Los Angeles is reputed to be the second most populated city in the United States, coming behind only the New York City. You get to experience different extreme lifestyles in Los Angeles as it features high gloss neighborhoods, seedy suburbs, coastline and highways collection. If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles, here are some parts of the city you can stay.


Downtown is historically reputed to be the heart of Los Angeles. The area features graceful hotels and old banks that have been converted into accommodation over the years. It also features an entertainment and shopping complex estimated at $2.5 billion. There are numerous clubs, restaurants, upper end hotels and cinemas in the area. You can get different type of accommodation based on your preference and budget, ranging from basic beds to plush hotels. The Los Angeles Athletic Club is worth staying in or renting if you are a sports lover. Otherwise, you might want to consider the stylish neat rooms of Jerry’s Motel.


Hollywood is a part of the United States that attracts tourists from all over the world in their millions. The construction of shopping malls and plazas has further improved the tourist value of the city. If you love the movies and you are hoping for a chance to see your favorite Hollywood star, you can decide to stay in this part of Los Angeles. Constant visit to malls and plazas will have you bumping into some Hollywood celebrity. You might want to lodge in the Magic Castle Hotel or the Hollywood Bed and Breakfast amongst several other accommodations available in the area.

West Los Angeles

Westside Los Angeles is reputed to be among the most costly neighborhoods in Los Angeles. The area is bothered by beach cities, Hollywood, Santa Monica Freeway and Santa Monica mountains. The city features several boutiques and restaurants. You might want to opt for the Bel-Air hotel or Farmer’s Daughter when you visit this plush part of Los Angeles.

The South Bay

The South Bay is a beach community that is located South of LAX. You will get to reside in close proximity to several beaches including the Manhattan beach, Redondo beach and the Hermosa beach among others. There are several hotels and condos lining the neighborhood. You can lodge in the Portofino Hotel & Yacht club or the Beach house among several other options.

Orange County

Orange County is a very popular area of Los Angeles as it houses Disneyland. Considering the popularity of Disney movies, it is every kid’s dream to visit Disneyland at least once in their life time. If you are traveling along the coast or you are heading to the park, then it will be a nice place for you to stay. You can opt for the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel or Huntington Surf Inn for accommodation.

Los Angeles offers some of the finest places to stay in the United States as well as so many things to do and see.

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