Top 10 things to do in Los Angeles

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When you visit Los Angeles, you will have several options of what to do that you will never have enough time to do them all if you are visiting. If you are on a short trip to Los Angeles and you are wondering what to do, here are the top 10 things you should consider.


Los Angeles could be regarded as a shopper’s heaven. This is considering that the city offers an out of the world shopping experience. Some of the shopping centers you might want to visit include Citadel outlets, Santa Monica Place and The Grove among others. It is possible to shop for unique or customized jewelries, dresses and other fashion items.

Visit a less popular landmark

There are a several attractions and landmarks in Los Angeles that are famous all over the world. This however, makes it difficult to appreciate some other less popular landmarks that are equally beautiful. With the help of locals or tourist companies, you can find some less crowded but lovely attractions within the city. An example is the historic Pasadena’s Gamble house. It is a national historic landmark that was built between 1908 and 1909. Its stunning interior features custom furniture as well as grains, colors and textures that are very beautiful.

Watch a game

Visit a stadium when a game is on, relax and watch a live match. This are majorly matches that feature local teams from Los Angeles such as Galaxy and Lakers to the king. If you love baseball, you can catch live baseball games at the Dodger stadium.

Drive on the sunset strip

You can enjoy the scenic view of the sunset strip which is a very famous road stretch in Los Angeles. The road also features a number of locations you will love to visit such as The Eveleigh restaurant and the Whisky A Go Go historic music venue.

Ride the Ferris Wheel

Visit Santa Monica Pier, an amusement park which is located in Santa Monica beach and opened in 1909, to ride the Ferris wheel. From the wheel, you will be able to enjoy a bird’s eye coast view.

Visit Runyon Canyon

Hollywood is known as the center of USA’s movie industry. However, visiting Runyon Canyon Park will allow you get another view of Hollywood as a place where you can also enjoy hiking.

See the La Phil

Enjoy classical music at its best by attending a LA Phil concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall.

Tour Hollywood Universal Studios

One of the best studio tours you will get anywhere in the world, is a studio tour of Hollywood Universal Studios. The tour which started in 1915 provides guests with the opportunity to see a real Hollywood movie studio’s working back lot.

See Irises

Irises is one of history’s most expensive paintings, which was painted by Vincent van Gogh. The painting is currently on display in Brentwood’s Getty Center.

Visit California’s tallest open-air observation deck

The 1,000 feet high 360-degree view observation deck allows you to see a unique view of Los Angeles. You also get the opportunity to carry out sky slides that will leave you awed.


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