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You might want to take advantage of the luxuries Los Angeles has to offer by deciding to have an event in Los Angeles. The event could be a meeting, wedding ceremony, reception, birthday party or a get together among others. Irrespective of the type of event you want to host in Los Angeles, you will have a lot of event space locations in Los Angeles you can choose from. Depending on your budget, you might want to go for a luxurious event space or an affordable one.

Luxurious Event Centers

If you want a luxurious event centers, there are so many you can choose from, even though you will have to spend a lot on hiring them.

Air Force One Pavilion: A very large and expensive event center is the Air Force One Pavilion that is located in the Ronald Reagan Presidential library. The pavilion can seat 1,400 guests, with space for another extra 200 guests. The event center is one of the world’s few locations where it is possible to tour a former Air Force One.

South Park Center: The South Park Center is a fully equipped theater that can seat 500 people. It is great for meetings, dinners and corporate events. The center is on the 32nd floor of the AT&T Center, and provides very great city view. You can also order for catering services by Joachin Splichal’s Patina Catering.

Battleship Iowa Museum: This is the only battleship museum on the West Coast. The event center can seat 800 people for a banquet or allow for 1,500 standing guests. The center offers 8 options of venue to choose from.

Palazzo Beverly Hills: This event center offers you a panoramic view of the hills as well as 4 acres of land for your event. It can thus serve as a great center for a celebrity event. The event must however, be a high budget event to be able to afford this venue.

JW Marriott

JW Marriott is a hotel in Los Angeles that offers world class dining, sports and entertainments. The 54 story hotel has several event spaces for meetings and other types of events. It also features unrivaled access to top attractions, a rooftop pool and a lavish spa. The diamond ballroom of the hotel has a 2,800 guest capacity.

Some other luxurious event centers in Los Angeles include The Novo, Malibu Family Wines, The Queen Mary, Universal Studios Hollywood Meetings and Events as well as Vibiana among others. One thing all of these centers have in common is that they are very expensive, with some been much more expensive than others.

Affordable Event Centers

There are several affordable event centers that are located all over Los Angeles. Charges for the event centers could be as low as $50 per hour. The average range of prices for affordable event centers in Los Angeles ranges from $55 to $100. Some of such event centers are also themed for music, art expositions, meeting, rooftop with great city view, studios and classroom among others. You can easily find the right event center for you, based on the type of event you want to host at affordable prices.



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